Asean Multilateral Agreement On Air Services

No contracting party may charge or authorize the designated airlines of another contracting party at higher charges than those charged to their own airlines operating similar international air services. For additional flights that the designated airline or airlines of one contracting party wish to operate outside the approved flight plan with the agreed services, that airline must obtain prior authorization from the other party`s aviation authorities. These applications should normally be filed at least four (4) business days prior to the operation of these flights. that each designated airline has a fair and equitable opportunity to compete with the provision of international air services governed by this agreement; AND TO LEVER PROGRESSIVELY RESTRICTIONS to increase the flexibility and capacity to operate air services in ASEAN, in order to create a single aviation market for ASEAN by 2015; The term “tariff” refers to the price of passenger and freight transport, as well as the conditions under which these prices apply, including prices and conditions applicable to agency and other ancillary services, but without remuneration or conditions for transporting mail; For the operation of the air services under this agreement, each party recognizes the validity of airworthiness certificates issued or validated by the contracting party that designates that airline and which is still in effect, provided that the requirements for these certificates or licences are at least in accordance with the minimum standards that can be established in accordance with the agreement. However, each party reserves the right to refuse recognition as valid for the purpose of fleeing over its own territory, patents and licenses issued to another party to its own nationals or validated for its own nationals. “use charges,” a fee that is collected or may be imposed by the relevant authorities for the provision of airport goods or facilities or air navigation facilities, including related services and facilities for aircraft whose crew, passengers and cargo are their responsibility; Each party grants the other contracting parties the following rights for the operation of international air services by the designated airlines of the other contracting parties: the designated airline or airlines may be required to submit their planned flight plans to the aviation authorities of the other contracting party at least thirty (30) days before the operation of the agreed services. Any changes to these changes must be reviewed at least 15 days prior to operation. VU the Vientiane action programme adopted at the tenth ASEAN Summit, held on 29 November 2004 in Vientiane (PDR), Lao, calling for an acceleration of “open skies” regulation and the promotion of the liberalisation of air services; to sell air services on the territory of the other party, directly and at its sole discretion, through its representatives; to sell these air services and anyone is free to buy these services in the national currency of that territory or, subject to national laws and regulations, in freely convertible currencies in other countries; Notwithstanding the above provisions, the right to submit passengers, baggage, cargo or mail transported for compensation and destined for or from points in the territory of a non-contracting party in the territory of another contracting party is subject to agreement between the aviation authorities of the contracting parties concerned.