2K Sports Nfl Agreement

Update 2: While EA`s assertion that its licensing agreements with the NFL and NFLPA “have always allowed the non-exclusive development of non-simulated games on different platforms” is technically true, it is somewhat misleading. The publishing house has indeed started to do with exclusive rights, arcade-style football games and management titles, not just traditional simulation games like Madden NFL. (Only the platforms were different at the time.) The deal gives 2K Sports the rights to use the names, numbers, images and similarities of more than 2,000 current NFL players in its upcoming games. The financial terms of the agreement reached by OneTeam Partners, which represents NFLPA in the group licensing agreements, were not disclosed, nor was it for its duration. We asked 2K for details and updated this article with all the information we receive. The agreement between 2K and the NFL – for which the parties did not divide financial terms – will produce “several video games focused on fun, responsive and social experiences,” 2K President David Ismailer said in a statement. This suggests that the publishing house will focus on making games like arcade sports titles in the style of Saber Interactives NBA 2K Playgrounds 2. At the risk of reading too much in the information available, we can try to get some additional details about the types of football matches that makes 2K. The publishing house`s licensing agreement with the NFLPA includes thousands of current players, from top stars like the New York Giants, who return from Saquon Barkley to unexpected contributors such as the long snappers of a special unit. But it`s hard to imagine that 2K would bother to use 53-man full assets for each of the league`s 32 teams in a non-simulation video game, unless it built something cartoonish, but ultimately a solid facsimile of football, like the super-mega-series of Metalhead Software. The NFL has entered into a new multi-year partnership with 2K Games, which will allow the company to produce “several future video games.” It`s been 16 years since 2K Games (parent company Take-Two Interactive Software) was licensed to use NFL teams and players in its games.

EA signed an exclusive contract with the NFL in 2004, which allowed the Madden NFL series to be the only games that could use NFL team and player names. It is interesting to note that the 2K agreement with the NFL only covers names, logos and associated elements for the league and its 32 teams – not the names, images and images of NFL players. The two rights groups are typically treated separately, and in fact, an NFL spokesman told Polygon that 2K should sign a licensing agreement with the NFL Players Association to use real current NFL players in its upcoming video games. A representative of 2K stated that the company could not comment on the conclusion of such an agreement. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. 2K did not comment on whether the contract would include former NFL players and like-minded individuals. “We are very pleased to be working with NFLPA and OneTeam to bring the biggest and best football stars to the games we`re working on,” said Ismailer. “We want to provide fans with authentic, unforgettable and entertaining experiences, and to have a list of true sporting heroes by the Players Association and OneTeam is a big part of making that promise come true.” The new football video games, which makes 2K Sports, will be real NFL players in addition to NFL teams, with the authorization of a new licensing agreement between the publisher and the NFL Players Association, which announced the companies Thursday.