Capital One Auto Finance Agreement To Provide Insurance Form

The worst company we`ve ever funded a car with. We have funded with them more than 5 years and we have less than two years on our car. I have never made a late payment at this location. Never once until this month. I called her to ask her to forego my payment this month. We had to buy a new fridge and we got two flat tires. No late payments ever and no they can`t give up my payment for this month. It doesn`t make any sense. Not only did they not give up the payment, but they asked me countless degrading personal questions about my finances. Recently, they took possession of my vehicle after turning off my autopay and did not call me to tell me that payments had been missed. When I spoke to them, they explained that I had asked myself to turn off my Autopay, and then they were called back to ask me not to call me if there were any problems with my account.

When I realized they were towing my car while I was at work, I immediately called them and paid on the phone. The lady explained everything, even if she was wrong, but I didn`t have time to discuss it because I was at work. I paid and told him that after work, I would call back to talk. She tells me they charge me $515 in withdrawal fees. That`s almost double my payment! Today, when I called back, they degenerated into their problems, where I was informed that it would not be a problem if my account was up to date. And even though, since the 23rd, I have twice asked that I be removed from the list so that they can call me if there are any problems, they still hadn`t. We are in the middle of a pandemic, and his response was: “Business must continue, even though we are still in a pandemic, the world continues.” You`re kidding? You have absolutely no compassion for your clients, and when I was asked to reconsider my situation, I was told clearly no. Your business is the definition of Corporate America. You do not care about your customers at all, and I was made to understand today that I was nothing but dollars to you.

You should be ashamed of yourself. I will deal with other financial companies and do business elsewhere. Account placed on two months of extension during the family tragedy. The balance has been lifted, but they have reported the CRA in silence and refuse to rectify. Then they advised that the payment for the following month was more than 30 days, but all the documents were provided to illustrate that this is also by mistake and simply not true. They continue to act unethically. I am currently funded by Cape 1 and they failed to transfer the title to my new location, which was sent to them in 2019. You now want me to pay for an old state DL all the fee back to the DMV, since the title was never transferred, but my car was registered in the new state and I have a new DL only missing the title.

I have no choice but to sell the car. I haven`t lived in the original state in almost 2 years and they want me to renew my DL and renew the registration for a fee of over 1000.00. I have all the e-mails, phone records and everything to secure it. I never leave bad grades unless it`s really bad. I refinanced with Capital 1 about 6-7 months back. I sent all the necessary documents to get a copy of the title so I could register. It`s been more than two months, and every time I call, they say it`s being sued.